6 New Business Facebook Features Important To Buy Real Likes

Are you updated with the most recent attributes Facebook presents its users? Did you recognize that they can substantially impact how your company entices leads, the power to buy real Facebook likes  along with substantially counsel in tracking conversions as well as promotion? Discover the 6 brand-new Facebook features every marketing professional should know.


buy real Facebook likes

1. See First Choice

Urge your audience making use of the See First choice which prioritizes posts from their close friends, groups and also liked pages making your business updates more noticeable for them.

2. Conversion Monitoring

Site conversion ads based on two conversion pixels and also customized audiences is simplified, integrating them right into one that generates accuracy results. Upgrades on this Facebook attribute deliver more accurate statistics with tracking achieved at trustworthy speed.

3. Facebook Beacon

This is a specific gadget to set in your neighborhood business which sends information to close-by mobile Facebook users, improving the exposure of your business as it entices much more possible customers, live, as well as the most effective component is it’s definitely free!

4. Repayment via the Messenger Application

With a debit card on documents, you can send and also obtain cash with Facebook buddies without service fee if you stay in the US. This makes in-app buying more feasible and if is fairly helpful if your close friends are clients.

5. Manage Replies

If you’ve got the message switch made it possible for, a brand-new function is being turned out which provides you the capability to save replies. This makes you time-efficient, especially when sending basic messages typically for frequently asked questions. Customers will certainly be pleased with your prompt response.

6. Lead Ads

Facebook is currently checking lead ads where mobile users can securely submit their information in response to an ad such as business details, newsletter, totally free report or follow-up call, with as basic as 2 taps of a button.

It is vital that marketing professionals remain on top of all Facebook updates which could substantially boost their brand name exposure, counsel get to and also connect with consumers, and fire up ideas for much better business flow and also marketing methods.

Robi Facebook Light 40 Sec WITH SUBTITLE

Robi Facebook Light 40 Sec WITH SUBTITLE

Robi Facebook Light 40 Sec WITH SUBTITLE

Visit and for more about Bangladeshi Advertising.
Client: Robi Axiata
Creative Director:
Film Director:
Copy writer:
Art Director:
Category: Telecom
Year: 2016
Country: Bangladesh

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Business: How I Do Marketing On Facebook Successfully!

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Business: How I Do Marketing On Facebook Successfully!

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Business: How I Do Marketing On Facebook Successfully!

Facebook marketing for business in 2015 is a lot easier when you see the strategies I use get thousands of people to find me every day for free! Watch this free video tutorial showing you the strategies proven to work for business and entrepreneurs on Facebook! This is a free preview from my Facebook ads and marketing video course at as well as the book on Amazon at Listen to the newest version on Audible at

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You get all of the following information in this video to help make sure anything you want to do on Facebook has the best chance for success!

How to get free conversions, clients, and engagement.
Start with Facebook Groups and learn searching for facebook groups. Here’s why!
Best Facebook ads strategy for conversions, affiliate marketing, sales.
What works to make money with Facebook marketing? What is worth doing?
What does not work well on Facebook? What is not worth doing?

Topics covered in this video include Facebook groups, Facebook messaging, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook for entrepreneurs, Facebook for business, and Facebook 2015 updates.

If you have ever watched a Facebook marketing webinar, 7 steps to Facebook success, and any Facebook marketing secrets video, you can bet you will love this video! Find out how to leverage Facebook to grow your business and the best Facebook page marketing strategy tips for 2015 to know before running your ads! You can use what you see in this video to get your content to go viral on Facebook using the secret marketing strategy I explain. What I share in this video will work better for you than email marketing by using Facebook groups and help any solo ads and listbuilding you are trying to do increase exponentially in effectiveness. You do not need a 7 step sales funnel to use this video or any tricks outside of what I share here. If you want to promote your business on Facebook, this video has it all including a real Facebook marketing strategy that works and 5 tips to help you get better results on Facebook.

Facebook marketing secrets are revealed in this video showing you do not need a Facebook page and that you do not need to do Facebook promoted posts in order to have huge FBinfluence! You can even skip Facebook offers and just the marketing strategies with marketing on Facebook 2015 to succeed for free!

If you are still reading now, you can guess I am trying to talk directly to Google and YouTube to let them know exactly what is in this video for YouTube search. It turns out I am effective at ranking YouTube videos in almost any niche as well! You can learn how at on my website at and by being a subscriber here on my YouTube channel at I have another high ranking video for Facebook marketing search terms on YouTube you might enjoy at

Thank you Google for hosting this video on YouTube and I am grateful for the opportunity today to serve you by giving you the best information available in 2015 on Facebook marketing and advertising for business.

Facebook marketing by showing up in the Facebook news feed makes it easy for anyone to be seen as a Facebook expert when you use the social media marketing strategies on Facebook that I explain in this video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at

Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies

Facebook advertising tips and tricks to help you get massive exposure with little out of pocket expense.

2014 Facebook Advertising Tutorial Focusing On Facebook Ads Power Editor Mastery

2014 Facebook Advertising Tutorial Focusing On Facebook Ads Power Editor Mastery

2014 Facebook Advertising Tutorial Focusing On Facebook Ads Power Editor Mastery

This 2014 Facebook advertising tutorial shows how to use the power editor and ads manager. Read more at and save 0 on my #1 Facebook ads Udemy course at See how to use the Facebook ads manager and the power editor to make many campaigns quickly! Making great ads on Facebook is a valuable skill that you can easily learn in a few hundred hours on a small budget and you can then earn at least 20 dollars an hour working online on oDesk or eLance doing this. If you have your own company, you can get hundreds of dollars per ad campaign.

This is me, Jerry Banfield, on the left and my wife. The reason I’ve made this video is to share with you how to make Facebook ad campaigns like a pro. My mission, the why I do all of this, is to spread love, faith, and inspiration. Thank you for watching my video and email me if you need a little help.
Here is the actual campaign setup I’ll be doing. It’s for Call Doc. So they’ve asked me to make 4 ad campaigns for them, Call Doc. And the nice thing doing this video for them, or with their… with their ads on it is I’m sharing their service and what they do with you. So you can get to know what they do also.

First, in order to set it up I had to… they had to add me to their account, tell me exactly what they needed, why they needed it, what kind of budget they wanted, and they’ve ran some ads already and their results are similar to what I see in many of the ad counts when I go to make ads for the first time. So what do I do? I’ve done a lot of work already before I’ve even started this video and I’m gonna give you a snapshot of that to help you know what you have to do up front and also not to take all the time up with the research.

The first things I had to do, obviously, were go through their website. And in going through their website allows me to learn about what they do, how they do it, why they do it. They offer healthcare access remotely. In other words, access to doctors easily and quickly via phone or the internet. So you pick up your phone, if we can see this last page, pick up the phone or go online and then you talk to a doctor. The reason they’ve made this is because healthcare is so expensive, of course, but also, 4 out of 5 visits to the ER or to the doctor often could be handled just by talking to the doctor and explaining to the doctor what your symptoms are with the doctor… without the doctor actually seeing you. So that’s the idea with this. And I have to look through and learn exactly what a potential Facebook page does… or potential Facebook ad campaign client does so that I can create the ads with the intent to match the customer to that. So I have to go through all of their website, look through all of their detailed pages, and I’ve already done that before hand. Get more free at and Subscribe to my YouTube channel at

Facebook Power Editor Advertising Tutorial 2016

Facebook Power Editor Advertising Tutorial 2016

Facebook Power Editor Advertising Tutorial 2016

Facebook Power Editor Tutorial will show you how to use Facebook power editor and how to create ads for your business. This is latest update after Facebook’s 2015 recent changes to ads manager and the power editor platform.

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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2014: Full Online Free Video Course By Jerry Banfield

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2014: Full Online Free Video Course By Jerry Banfield

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2014: Full Online Free Video Course By Jerry Banfield

Fresh Facebook ads tutorial created in 2014 by Jerry Banfield. Take the full course at What does this 2014 Facebook advertising video tutorial cover? Creating your User Experience from the Facebook page to landing page to posts. Starting your Facebook page. Get to know your Facebook pages interface. Making your squeeze page with LeadPages. Creating awesome posts. Adding apps to your page and organizing them. Conversion tracking on your website. Understanding the complete user experience. Creating Great Facebook Ad Campaigns with the Ads Manager.Get to know the ad manager. The basic ad functions. Supplying images for your ads. Making headlines and text for your ads. Using interest targeting. Targeting countries for likes. Targeting countries for AdSense, leads, and affiliate offers. Targeting countries for sales. Squeeze page integration.Trick for making many ad campaigns quickly. Daily budget discussion.Pushing Limits with the Power Editor. Power Editor Tour. Copying campaigns. Split testing campaigns. Placing ads where you want them. Analyzing Results with Reports. Importance of focusing on Cost Per Action. Cost Per Like with one country. Cost Per Like with many countries for maximum likes. Cost Per Engagement. Cost Per Conversion. Maximum ROI Strategies. Global max like campaigns. Page post conversion ads. Page post max engagement for affiliate traffic ads for AdSense. Squeeze page email list building. Course Summary: What Can You Do Now?. How do you feel about reaching your goals on Facebook now? Subscribe to my YouTube channel at